Waldo Is Angry That Animals Have Been Taken From Their Natural Habitats

His father a renowned naturalist, Waldo is angry at anyone bringing wild animals to a preserve for the amusement of tourists.  He is disgusted by the inevitable signs of contamination–lions who previously ran free on the savannah waiting in line for a portable toilet.  He is furious about elephants angrily soliciting ice cream cones instead of eating whatever it is elephants eat in the wild.  He is saddened by bears who used to kill salmon and find honey, now posing sexily for photos.  Waldo is more tied in a knot about this than the elephants in the upper left hand corner of the picture.


Click to enlarge and see an angry, furious Waldo who is already on the phone with the Nature Conservancy and the World Wildlife Federation to see if anything can be done about this bull$#!t.


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