Waldo Gets Really Hot-Around-The-Collar When Dealing With Hardcore Creationists

Did humans and dinosaurs walk the earth at the same time?  Waldo is so tired of this question he can’t even deal with it right now.    Dinosaurs walking the earth with humans is about as likely as a group of small stegosauruses playing golf using large femur bones, or a beetlejuice-attired velociraptor sitting astride a larger, similarly black and white striped apatosaurus.   It’s all nonsense.  Waldo knows that the theory of evolution is “just a theory,” but it’s a wonderful, well thought-out theory.   When are we going to get our shit together on science education in this country?   Waldo is legitimately worried about us sometimes.


Click to enlarge and find a waldo who sometimes finds himself wanting to hurl copies of “The Origin of Species” at people


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