Waldo is Bothered by Just About Everything Going On Here

Waldo is really nervous about the fact that obesity in children has more than doubled in the past 30 years, which is why things like this industrial cake factory drive him f#*king insane.  Beginning with the fact that it’s poorly built– it features what may be the most needlessly complicated “twisty pipe system” in the history of industrial baking.   Half of the workers are just aimlessly wandering around while one gentleman sporting a sizable pair of breasts is bench-pressing cupcakes at the bottom of the photo while still clearly on the clock.  Waldo can’t tell if he’s more annoyed with the people who designed the factory or the people who work there, but both make his blood bubble like whatever that white liquid is with the giant flower growing out of it.   Also, it’s a bakery and Waldo doesn’t understand why EVERY SINGLE PERSON needs to wear a Pillsbury Dough Boy-style chef’s hat when most of them are obviously being paid 7.25 an hour.


Click to enlarge and see a fed-up Waldo who wants to see a factory redesign and stricter rules for employees.


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