Waldo is Genuinely Happy to See So Many People Employed in Blue Collar Professions

Nothing brings joy to Waldo’s heart like employment in small town America which is why he was so thrilled to see so many people with solid, blue collar jobs.  A particularly enthusiastic mechanic haphazardly pulls assorted metal pieces out of a car engine while inept firefighters playfully hit each other with the stream of water intended to put out the building that was on fire.  A group of mentally handicapped janitors are attacked by birds, offering no explanation for why they are all on the roof.   The only unemployed person in the photo appears to be Waldo himself, or perhaps the guy scuba diving in the public fountain.  Waldo feels pretty great about this picture and what it means for the economy.


Click to enlarge and find a happy Waldo, invested in job growth and small town USA!


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