Waldo Gets Uncomfortable When Confronted With the Idea That Buying More and More Things Will Make You Happier

Waldo is stressed and saddened by the inevitable force of the military/industrial complex.   Spend spend spend!  He is unnerved by blatant consumerism,  not to mention confused by the overwhelming number of people visiting a mall that sells only vacuum cleaners, washing machines, hats and socks.  Also, after wandering into the upper left hand corner of the picture he saw his first ever nearly-naked woman and is now having additional emotions that he does not yet completely understand.


Click the photo to enlarge and find an anxious and financially conservative Waldo.


Waldo Has a Lot of Bad Memories He’s Repressing

Waldo’s not in a great place emotionally in this picture.  It’s taken at the beach, which was hard for him since he had a traumatic near-drowning experience as a child, during which he was caught in the undertow and dragged out into the waves where he flailed for close to an hour as his lungs slowly filled with water.  He was saved by a local fisherman.

waldo 2

click to enlarge and find Waldo reliving a terrifying moment of his childhood.  God willing, he will be ok.